A Call to Shoulders

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One has to wonder in these times of profound technological advances if our increases in connectivity with our friends, family, and neighbors, a hunger for which is inaliably a component of the human condition, comes at a cost of humanity itself; for while we are undeniably bound ever more fervently to our fellow patrons of this phenomenon of social networking media, we do not see one another as souls with whom to connect on a humble, earthly, and spiritual level, but rather as colder entities: nodes with which to connect through digital machines that allow us access to a shared mind and mob mentality, through which we can feel the ebbs and flows of paradigms of any given moment, a part of the machine itself but self conscious and conscious of the whole at the same time. With great power comes great responsibility. It is our responsibility to turn it off. If we lack the will to sever our connections ourselves, then it falls to each of us to sever each other’s for the good of the whole.

A higher standard is paramount for civilization, and the time is past due. As a young boy outgrows his paper route, society too must realize it’s potential and shed this facade that is a herd of sheep; our children deserve a life free of shackles in which they can evolve this world to it’s next stage of existence.

We are our own shepherds, and we shall want. We are not the meek. We must lay ourselves down where we deem fit. And to walk through valleys or fields or forests or mountains, we must find comfort in our own rods – our own staves.

Let us prepare our own table. Let us be free.


So it’s been a few months…

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But I’m still around – not many people seem to know, but it’s true. The cell phone I’m using now is so useless for typing that I don’t text anymore, don’t tweet, don’t update facebook much, so basically my cell phone has severely diminished my social life. This feels backwards. I’m getting a new phone. I thought I could learn to use other media for communications, but few people ever answer my calls, or call back if I leave a message (mostly they’ll text me to ask what the message was, but since I have so much trouble texting back, I call them to tell them what the message was, and they still don’t pick up. So I never talk to anyone).

Why are we confined to silent communication? This doesn’t seem fair – to ourselves – and I don’t envision this improving much anytime in the near future. Are we all getting NAS? I haven’t seen anyone with the black shakes yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming this decade…

The worst part is the gratuitous snow accumulation we’ve received this season so far. More than once it has physically prevented me from leaving my home. I suppose that’s the downside to living a quarter mile off the road…

Maybe when the sun returns to our hemisphere I’ll remember the benefits – and hopefully my camera, too!

Israeli Mango Nectar


So we found good stuff in a normal market… Didn’t have to go to whole foods or anything. How often does that happen?

Mango juice (or was it ‘nectar’?) in a can. A bit too sweet to down witha sandwich for lunch, but on its own, it was perfect. Sweet, but not sticky sweet, and has such a nice mouth-feel. Very full bodied. And it was… 70 cents??

Apparently the good stuff comes from Israel (or at least is covered with hebrew!). I’ll have to keep that in mind when I am tempted to try new things 🙂

Pinguy (if only in passing for me, I’ll pass it along to you if you like!)

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Pinguy Linux OS (64 bit)

What Canonical *should* have released in April.

So this is my Pinguy Dektop. Whenever I install a linux for a friend or customer (of http://www.gopcpc.com ) I will definitely default to this. This is what Ubuntu should have been all along. Linux Mint jumped up and noticed that things were not as they should be, and fixed many ootb (out of the box) things, but Pinguy is a fully featured fully ready system, and it’s pretty. I got all my information on the desktop, good default applications (and all I need in the dock at the bottom). Comes with plenty of pretty desktop backgrounds (the default one is a pier over a bay) and all the codecs anyone would need. Plays flash (i.e. youtube) without any extra installations as well as java. My *only* complaint is that it was built on Ubuntu instead of Debian.

I guess getting to say that it’s “built on Ubuntu” is like Apple saying Mac OSX has a “UNIX CORE”. Marketing much? Truth be told, this could be cloned directly to a slackware base, or gentoo, or even red hat, but that doesn’t matter – what matters is that someone made it, and it is available! For FREE! You can even burn it to a disc and boot it up without installing it (so your precious MS Windows doesn’t even get touched) and try it out before deciding to own it (a test drive, if you will).

So a DVD costs about $0.35, and the download takes about 20 minutes or so (depending on your connection). Most people already know FireFox, so that’s easy, and VLC (the orange caution pylon icon in the bottom dock) plays any kind of media (audio/video from any source) and is very easy to learn to control. Press ‘F’ for full screen, space-bar for play/pause, and Crtl+Q to quit (does anyone do anything else?).

What are you waiting for?? Try it out! Download it HERE! (and take the top link, the bottom is for torrents, and not enough people have it yet, but it downloads fast from sourceforge).

From my Final Project:

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There are many laws in this country that prohibit what could be normal human sexual behavior simply because it is not common within our society. Many of these laws stem from Biblical sources, or even commentary and interpretation of Biblical sources (e.g. the Talmud). In a nation where there is intended to be a strict separation of religion from the government, there is no denying that for a “free nation” we have many (almost all) laws based in religion.
From my research regarding this topic, I have learned that not only is our code of law and conduct based almost exclusively on Biblical law, but in addition, particularly regarding sexual behaviour, that anything uncommon is deemed “deviant,” and almost all deviant sexual behaviours are illegal.
I have learned that, sadly, it is against the law to behave differently than the majority of people in our society. If that’s not the definition of religious oppression, I don’t know what is.

17 July, 2010 13:12

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so you can stay nice and cozy with your gun while youre out hunting waiting for game!


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while everything seems to be fine, i don’t understand why windows’ boot manager decided to run chkdsk in the first place. it was shut down properly, there were no power surges, and it did not explain why it wanted to check for inconsistencies… I wish I could convert all of my computers to Linux.

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